Dark Tea

Dark tea is called so because of its black appearance, being one of the six major teas. The post-fermented tea is mainly produced in Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Anhui and other provinces. Traditional dark tea is made with highly-matured raw dark green tea which is a major raw material for compressed teas.

Violet Tea

Violet, featured in strong fragrance, slight bitterness and a little bit mystery and dignity, leaves a faint fragrance after eating, and magically changes colors in brewing, from light purple to light brown, and from light blue to pink after dropping lemon juice.

Stevia Tea

Stevia tea is brewed with 2-4 dry stevia leaves in a cup, and tastes sweet, somehow like green grass. Stevia, also called stevia rebaudian, of composite family, is a plant that can be cultivated in garden, and originates in South America. It is over 200 years ago that stevioside was firstly used in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and some places in Brazil.

Horehound Tea

Horehound tea is mainly made with high-quality fresh horehound and lotus plumule, and processed with new low-temperature technique in a scientific manner, which maintains its natural bioactivity. Therefore, it can be called a healthy drink that features in high purity, being easy to brew, fragrance and excellent taste, being the first choice for diabetes patients in summer.

Korean Citron Tea

Korean citron tea is a beverage made with citron, rock candy and others.Buy a citron with steeple top, the heavier the better, and it’s better to have a hard hilum bottom. Wash it clean, and soak in hot water for 15 minutes to remove wax on its peel.

Chia Seed Tea

Chia seed tea is made by adding chia seed into green tea, black tea or any other herb tea, and has many benefits in improving energy level and digestion health.

Black Oolong Tea

Black oolong tea belongs to oolong tea, which allegedly has effects on inhibiting fat absorption. Today’s diets always have an excessively high proportion of fat, and excessive fat absorption cannot only cause obesity, but result in many chronic diseases. It has been proved in many scientific experiments that oolong tea can stunningly inhibit absorption of 20% fat.

 Aloe Vera Tea

It is claimed that there are about 3000 kinds of aloe in the world, but less than 6 of them are eatable. Among the eatable aloes, aloe vera is a common one. Aloe is always preferred first as an indoor home plant, and can absorb over 90% waste gas, being an efficient air cleaner. Aloe features in highly complicated ingredients and higher content of active substances than other plants.