Violet Tea

Violet, featured in strong fragrance, slight bitterness and a little bit mystery and dignity, leaves a faint fragrance after eating, and magically changes colors in brewing, from light purple to light brown, and from light blue to pink after dropping lemon juice.

Korean Citron Tea

Korean citron tea is a beverage made with citron, rock candy and others.Buy a citron with steeple top, the heavier the better, and it’s better to have a hard hilum bottom. Wash it clean, and soak in hot water for 15 minutes to remove wax on its peel.

Chicory Tea

Chicory tea is mainly made with chicory, supplemented with mulberry leaves, cape jasmine, radix pueraiae and lily, in a series of processes including screening, cleaning, low-temperature drying, slicing, baking, mechanical pulverization, cell disruption, and cold sterilization with γ electromagnetic wave.

Jujube Tea

Jujube tea is a tea drink made with jujube. Jujube has excellent medical effects on strengthening immunity and endurance of human body and protecting liver, and tea made with jujube can resist allergy and cancer and tranquilize and allay excitement. Therefore, it can be had three times per day.

Hyssop Tea

Similar to mint, hyssop has a refreshing smell, but tastes a little bit bitter. It was used for tea brewing or cooking a long time ago in Europe, and its refreshing fragrance has been extensively popular among European people. It has also been used in folk therapy. Hyssop flowers differ from breed to breed, ranging from white to pink or purple, and the breed with purple flowers has the strongest pesticide effect. An entire hyssop can be used for tea brewing, especially its leaves.

Marshmallow Root Tea

Marshmallow is a cultivated variety of camellia, which has semidouble pink flowers, gradually getting white towards petal edge and sending out slight fragrance. The flowers range from medium to large size, with petals arranged in two wavy circles, and petals are a little bit wrinkled. Its leaves are small in size and bright in color.