Manzanilla Tea

Manzanilla is the Spanish word for chamomile, so manzanilla tea is also called Chamomile tea, which is an herbal tea famous for its medicinal benefits, such as relieving anxiety,improving sleep,calming stomach upset,reducing muscle spasms or flatulence,but not all benefits are supported by scientific studies.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is brewed with chamomile as raw material, smells a faint fragrance and has many healthcare effects. Chamomile contains a lot of methylmetatyrosine, methacrylic acid and azulene, and has medical effects on relieving pain, resisting allergy, resisting melancholia, resisting rheumatism, resisting bacteria, calming down and nourishing spleen and stomach.

Pekoe Tea

Pekoe tea from Lingyun County, originally called raw white tea as it is fully covered with pekoe on back, mainly grows in Old Cengwang Mountain and Qinglong Mountain shrouded by mist all year long. The advantaged natural environment makes it a rising star among all famous Chinese teas, featured in jade green color, numerous pekoe, mellow fragrance, strong taste and endurance. It was listed into the first batch of national high-quality tea varieties in 1984.

Black Oolong Tea

Black oolong tea belongs to oolong tea, which allegedly has effects on inhibiting fat absorption. Today’s diets always have an excessively high proportion of fat, and excessive fat absorption cannot only cause obesity, but result in many chronic diseases. It has been proved in many scientific experiments that oolong tea can stunningly inhibit absorption of 20% fat.

Plum Tea

Plum tea is made with plum flower bud (5g) and green tea (5g), and brewed with boiled water for 5 minutes, which has medical effects on treating abdominal fullness pain and poor stomach intake.

Lemon Zinger Tea

Lemon Zinger tea is a drink/ sweetmeat brewed with lemon and Zinger, especially refreshing and delicious with slight sweetness and sour in summer.

Maca Tea

Maca tea, also called Kingo tea, is brewed with maca or maca tea bag made with fresh maca, being an emerging health-care tea drink.Boiling maca with water for tea drinking: place several pieces of maca in water like normal tea, or add water, milk, honey and cinnamon and boil them up for drinking.

Longjing Tea

Longjing tea, a specialty of Zhejiang Province and product of geographical indication in China, is globally renowned for its emerald color, attractive appearance, strong fragrance and mellow taste, standing out of numerous famous teas with its faint but lasting smell and fragrant but refreshing taste and ranking the top among the Chinese top ten teas.