Manzanilla Tea

Manzanilla is the Spanish word for chamomile, so manzanilla tea is also called Chamomile tea, which is an herbal tea famous for its medicinal benefits, such as relieving anxiety,improving sleep,calming stomach upset,reducing muscle spasms or flatulence,but not all benefits are supported by scientific studies.

Chickweed Tea

Different from teas that we have at ordinary times, made with leaves picked from tea trees and being a quite safe traditional drink, chickweed tea is made with a stellaria herb of caryophyllaceae family, called “chickweed”. It is named myosoton aquaticum in Compendium of Materia Medica, also called endarachne binghamiae, malachium aquaticum, water chickweed, etc. in local places.

Motherwort Tea

Motherwort tastes spicy sweet and bitter, with no toxin, and can remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation and disinhibit water. It is a famous gynecological medicine, and that’s why it’s called “motherwort”.

Corn Tea

Corn tea is brewed with corns. According to Chinese herbology, corn stigma is also called dracaena, flat in nature. It has health-care effects. The first medicinal use is recorded in 1467 South Yunnan Compendium of Materia Medica. It is a traditional Chinese medical herb. Corn tea tastes sweet, and can lower blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure, being called dracaena heath-care tea or three-high (high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar) heath-care tea.

Chasteberry Tea

Chasteberry, also called chastity fruit, is a fruit growing on chasteberry tree, often treated as a aphrodisiac. It has numerous amazing medical effects, including improving females’ fertility, relieving acne, treating prostatic hyperplasia, relieving chest pressing pain, promoting breast milk secretion, treating migraine, helping lose weight, and lowering risks of myoma of uterus.

Wormwood Tea

Wormwood tea is made with wormwood buds germinating the first time in several processes, which can remain medicinal value of wormwood, and remove its bitterness. Soaked wormwood tea has a unique refreshing fragrance. Its tea infusion is in clear gold color, and has an overwhelming fragrance, full flavor and sweet taste. Smelling refreshing and elegant, it can be brewed separately and together with green tea, black tea or scented tea.

Saffron Tea

Saffron, belonging to freesia family, refers to the top and stigma of crocus sativus stylus. Flowers are picked in mornings in September and October, stigmas are taken off and dried to make dry flowers. Further processing makes them oily bright, being moist saffron. Dry saffron is better in quality.

Corn Silk Tea

Corn silk tea is brewed mainly with corn silks which are mild in nature and taste sweet, and have good medical effects on various diseases.Drinking fresh corn silk brewed in water can effectively lower blood sugar, suitable for people suffering diabetes and high blood pressure, for it has medical effects on lowering blood pressure.