Citrus Tea

Citrus tea, commonly known as green tangerine tea, is widely popular among the young in modern times. It is generally brewed with naturally fermented orange peel, and frequent drinking helps promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism, keep mouth clean and fresh, nourish stomach and build up body. Males who often drink should have more.

Pomegranate Tea

Having pomegranate in autumn and winter is quite beneficial, especially that pomegranate contains some nutrients which can regulate basic metabolism and improve immunity.

Honeybush tea

Honeybush tea is an herbal drink in South Africa, brewed with honeybush leaves, which is even tenderer than black tea and green tea, and features in flower scent and honey sweetness and surprisingly high content of antioxidants. It also contains aspalathin and dihydrochalcone, and various mineral substances as well, such as potassium, copper, natrium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, ferrum and manganese.

Reishi Tea

Reishi tea has health care effects on regulating immunity, bearing hypoxia and fighting fatigue, being a natural health product extracted and purified from reishi. The tea can reach five viscera and nourish vital energy of the whole body, suitable for people suffering weakness of heart, lung, liver, spleen and kidney. It also has effects on strengthening and restoring energy, enhancing immunity and organism resistivity. Different general medicines that have therapeutical effects on a certain disease and different from general nutritional food that supplements and reinforces just one nutrient, the tea can regulate body balance in two ways, mobilize vital energy in body, regulate metabolism, improve body immunity and normalize functions of all viscera or organs. For brewing of reishi tea, red resishi is the best choice and then purple reishi.

Honeysuckle Tea

Honeysuckle tea, as a scented tea, is brewed with high-quality green tea as biscuit and fresh honeysuckles in the unique process of scenting. Honeysuckles are picked in summer, and bloom firstly in pure white and turn into yellow the next day, after which its fragrance gradually fades off. Therefore, it’s recommended to pick when it starts blooming. High-quality honeysuckle tea features in tight and straight tea leaves, grey green luster, pure and long-lasting fragrance, bright yellow-green infusion, sweet and delicious taste and tender and soft leave bottom.

Linden Tea

Linden tea originates in the Mediterranean coast and is brewed with dried plant flowers and leaves, tasting warm and sweet. Linden flowers are rich in Vitamin C, greatly beneficial to nervous system, respiratory system and metabolism. Linden tea has a deep-feeling sweetness, tastes a little bit like spice and holds a long-lasting fragrance, being quite tasty.