Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is brewed with chamomile as raw material, smells a faint fragrance and has many healthcare effects. Chamomile contains a lot of methylmetatyrosine, methacrylic acid and azulene, and has medical effects on relieving pain, resisting allergy, resisting melancholia, resisting rheumatism, resisting bacteria, calming down and nourishing spleen and stomach.

Yuzu Tea

Yuzu tea is an herbal cuisine mainly made with polygonatum odoratum, which is a perennial herb, 40-65cm high, with ribs on its stem, crossed-growing leaves in oval or narrow oval shape. One can place a tea bag in a cup, add in about 120ml boiled water, and wait for 3 minutes to enjoy yuzu tea.

Mango Tea

Mango tea is a family standing tea drink, which is made with fresh mango and green tea in an appropriate amount. It tastes sweet, and has a refreshing tea fragrance.Mango tea is a tea drink with a sweet taste, mild in nature. We can extract not only abundant pectin compounds, but a large amount of multi-carbohydrate substances and other nutrients from mango tea, which have medical effects on moistening lung and relieving dryness after being absorbed by human bodies.