Cilantro Tea

Cilantro, also called coriander, caraway and parsley, is annual or biennial herb of dicotyledoneae, umbellales, apiaceae and coriandrum, being an extensively familiar seasoning vegetable. It features in celery shape, small and tender leaf, thin stem and strong fragrance, being a condiment for soup cooking, which is mostly used in cold vegetable dish in sauce and soup and noodle dishes for seasoning. Besides, it can also be used for tea brewing, namely cilantro tea.

Pekoe Tea

Pekoe tea from Lingyun County, originally called raw white tea as it is fully covered with pekoe on back, mainly grows in Old Cengwang Mountain and Qinglong Mountain shrouded by mist all year long. The advantaged natural environment makes it a rising star among all famous Chinese teas, featured in jade green color, numerous pekoe, mellow fragrance, strong taste and endurance. It was listed into the first batch of national high-quality tea varieties in 1984.

Violet Tea

Violet, featured in strong fragrance, slight bitterness and a little bit mystery and dignity, leaves a faint fragrance after eating, and magically changes colors in brewing, from light purple to light brown, and from light blue to pink after dropping lemon juice.

Motherwort Tea

Motherwort tastes spicy sweet and bitter, with no toxin, and can remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation and disinhibit water. It is a famous gynecological medicine, and that’s why it’s called “motherwort”.

Salvia Tea

Salvia tea (Tian Cao) is made mainly with high-quality violet flower salvia, being one of the main products for treating coronary heart disease and preventing and dilating blood vessels, and has medical effects on activating blood and dissolving stasis. As an organic green tea, it can also clear mind and resolve phlegm. Modern researches have proved the medical effects on dilating angiocarpy and strengthening blood capillary of caffeine contained in tea.

Ginkgo Tea

Ginkgo tea is produced with leaves from ginkgo trees based on advanced techniques, rich in various nutrients including protein, amino acid, minerals and vitamins. Frequent drinking can improve physical strength, and immunity. Ginkgo tea has excellent medical effects on treating cardiovascular disease, fighting against thrombus, preventing arteriosclerosis, protecting blood vessels, and preventing and treating coronary heart diseases, and protecting heart, brain, liver and kidney.

Chicory Tea

Chicory tea is mainly made with chicory, supplemented with mulberry leaves, cape jasmine, radix pueraiae and lily, in a series of processes including screening, cleaning, low-temperature drying, slicing, baking, mechanical pulverization, cell disruption, and cold sterilization with γ electromagnetic wave.

Citrus Tea

Citrus tea, commonly known as green tangerine tea, is widely popular among the young in modern times. It is generally brewed with naturally fermented orange peel, and frequent drinking helps promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism, keep mouth clean and fresh, nourish stomach and build up body. Males who often drink should have more.