Essiac Tea

Essiac tea made from four ingredients: sheep sorrel,Indian rhubarb root,slippery elm,and burdock root is an herbal drink, which is widely reported to provide numerous healing benefits including cancer teatment, but it is not supported by published scientific studies.


Artemisia, also called selengensis, can be used as a vegetable by cold cooking or stir-frying, and also as tea leaves after baking. Artemisia is rich in various micro elements, also called “body cleaning agent”, and have effects of lowering blood pressure and blood fat in a long term, clearing away in-body waste and enhance immunity. It also has the reputation of “guardian angel for human body” and can nourish stomach and spleen, dispel effects of alcohol and protect liver and many other human organs.

Papaya Leaf Tea

Papaya leaf tea is made with papaya leaves which are hung for drying or stored at a low temperature for a while, mixed them in tea, wholly or crushed, and stored in tea ware. Some also like to use fresh or dried papaya seeds for tea brewing.

 Aloe Vera Tea

It is claimed that there are about 3000 kinds of aloe in the world, but less than 6 of them are eatable. Among the eatable aloes, aloe vera is a common one. Aloe is always preferred first as an indoor home plant, and can absorb over 90% waste gas, being an efficient air cleaner. Aloe features in highly complicated ingredients and higher content of active substances than other plants.

Borage Tea

Borage is an annual herb in boraginaceae family, with a light cucumber fragrance, 60cm (2 feet) high, covered with with coarse villus. It has large coarse leaves, long and round in shape, and loose and drooping inflorescence. Flower stalk is generally rufous, and flowers are of star shape, bright blue and sometimes white or rosiness.

Mulberry Tea

Mulberry, also called les fruits mure, tastes sweet and sour, cold in nature. It can reach heart, liver and kidney channels and has medical effects on nourishing nourishing yin (feminine force), tonifying blood and relaxing bowel. It is purple black in color, and tastes sweet and sour, rich in vitamins, amino acid, carotene and other ingredients. Frequent use of mulberry can improve people’s immunity and can delay aging, maintain beauty and keep young. Mulberry was used as a tonic for ancient emperors over 2000 years ago. Now, it is still an excellent choice for beauty-chasing females to maintain beauty and health. Mulberry tea is a tea drink brewed with mulberry and tea leaves.

Sarsaparilla Tea

Sarsaparilla tea is brewed with crushed roots of sarsaparilla plants, and Mexican sarsaparilla is the most common species, also called Jamaica sarsaparilla, which originates from South America.

Pomegranate Tea

Having pomegranate in autumn and winter is quite beneficial, especially that pomegranate contains some nutrients which can regulate basic metabolism and improve immunity.