Artemisia, also called selengensis, can be used as a vegetable by cold cooking or stir-frying, and also as tea leaves after baking. Artemisia is rich in various micro elements, also called “body cleaning agent”, and have effects of lowering blood pressure and blood fat in a long term, clearing away in-body waste and enhance immunity. It also has the reputation of “guardian angel for human body” and can nourish stomach and spleen, dispel effects of alcohol and protect liver and many other human organs.

Papaya Leaf Tea

Papaya leaf tea is made with papaya leaves which are hung for drying or stored at a low temperature for a while, mixed them in tea, wholly or crushed, and stored in tea ware. Some also like to use fresh or dried papaya seeds for tea brewing.

Chasteberry Tea

Chasteberry, also called chastity fruit, is a fruit growing on chasteberry tree, often treated as a aphrodisiac. It has numerous amazing medical effects, including improving females’ fertility, relieving acne, treating prostatic hyperplasia, relieving chest pressing pain, promoting breast milk secretion, treating migraine, helping lose weight, and lowering risks of myoma of uterus.