Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is brewed with chamomile as raw material, smells a faint fragrance and has many healthcare effects. Chamomile contains a lot of methylmetatyrosine, methacrylic acid and azulene, and has medical effects on relieving pain, resisting allergy, resisting melancholia, resisting rheumatism, resisting bacteria, calming down and nourishing spleen and stomach.

Dark Tea

Dark tea is called so because of its black appearance, being one of the six major teas. The post-fermented tea is mainly produced in Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Anhui and other provinces. Traditional dark tea is made with highly-matured raw dark green tea which is a major raw material for compressed teas.

Stevia Tea

Stevia tea is brewed with 2-4 dry stevia leaves in a cup, and tastes sweet, somehow like green grass. Stevia, also called stevia rebaudian, of composite family, is a plant that can be cultivated in garden, and originates in South America. It is over 200 years ago that stevioside was firstly used in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and some places in Brazil.

Roselle Tea

Roselle tea is brewed with roselle, belonging to scented tea. Roselle, also called hibiscus, has medical effects on maintaining beauty, losing weight and lowering pressure, especially suitable for females, and contains various nutrients including acid, Vitamin C, edertriglycoside and citric acid, beneficial to balance blood fat, promote calcium absorption, promote digestion, detoxify and induce urine, eliminate taedium vitae and relieve effects of alcohol.

Onion Tea

Onion tea is a blended drink, which uses onions as base ingredient, brewed with hot water. The basic process is to first cut onions into small pieces, place them in hot water and immerse for several minutes, and filter them out from tea infusion. Onion tea has several medical effects, most of which are related to relieving common cold or flu symptoms.

 Aloe Vera Tea

It is claimed that there are about 3000 kinds of aloe in the world, but less than 6 of them are eatable. Among the eatable aloes, aloe vera is a common one. Aloe is always preferred first as an indoor home plant, and can absorb over 90% waste gas, being an efficient air cleaner. Aloe features in highly complicated ingredients and higher content of active substances than other plants.

Ginkgo Tea

Ginkgo tea is produced with leaves from ginkgo trees based on advanced techniques, rich in various nutrients including protein, amino acid, minerals and vitamins. Frequent drinking can improve physical strength, and immunity. Ginkgo tea has excellent medical effects on treating cardiovascular disease, fighting against thrombus, preventing arteriosclerosis, protecting blood vessels, and preventing and treating coronary heart diseases, and protecting heart, brain, liver and kidney.

Cacao Tea

Cacao tea is a new tea resource found by Professor Zhang Hongda in 1981, being the only tea that does not contain caffeine found in the world. After 15 years of scientific research by experts from Sun Yat-sen University and Tea Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Cacao tea No.1 and No.2 have finally stood out among 154 strains as new national breeds, and Tankson Group owns their exclusive new variety right of plant.