Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is brewed with chamomile as raw material, smells a faint fragrance and has many healthcare effects. Chamomile contains a lot of methylmetatyrosine, methacrylic acid and azulene, and has medical effects on relieving pain, resisting allergy, resisting melancholia, resisting rheumatism, resisting bacteria, calming down and nourishing spleen and stomach.

Roselle Tea

Roselle tea is brewed with roselle, belonging to scented tea. Roselle, also called hibiscus, has medical effects on maintaining beauty, losing weight and lowering pressure, especially suitable for females, and contains various nutrients including acid, Vitamin C, edertriglycoside and citric acid, beneficial to balance blood fat, promote calcium absorption, promote digestion, detoxify and induce urine, eliminate taedium vitae and relieve effects of alcohol.

Chia Seed Tea

Chia seed tea is made by adding chia seed into green tea, black tea or any other herb tea, and has many benefits in improving energy level and digestion health.

Alfalfa Tea

Alfalfa is a wild herb, and also an editable wild vegetable, which has numerous nutrients and tender taste and various health-care effects. Alfalfa shall be firstly washed clean, placed in a pot, and boiled with an appropriate amount of clean water before drinking.

Black Oolong Tea

Black oolong tea belongs to oolong tea, which allegedly has effects on inhibiting fat absorption. Today’s diets always have an excessively high proportion of fat, and excessive fat absorption cannot only cause obesity, but result in many chronic diseases. It has been proved in many scientific experiments that oolong tea can stunningly inhibit absorption of 20% fat.

Borage Tea

Borage is an annual herb in boraginaceae family, with a light cucumber fragrance, 60cm (2 feet) high, covered with with coarse villus. It has large coarse leaves, long and round in shape, and loose and drooping inflorescence. Flower stalk is generally rufous, and flowers are of star shape, bright blue and sometimes white or rosiness.

Sarsaparilla Tea

Sarsaparilla tea is brewed with crushed roots of sarsaparilla plants, and Mexican sarsaparilla is the most common species, also called Jamaica sarsaparilla, which originates from South America.

Comfrey Tea

Comfrey tea is brewed with dried leaves of soaked comfrey plants, which contains vitamins and minerals in high concentration, including calcium, cuprum, cobalt, ferrum, magnesium, potassium and zinc, and Vitamin A, E and C and various B-group vitamins.