Pekoe Tea

What is Pekoe tea

Pekoe tea from Lingyun County, originally called raw white tea as it is fully covered with pekoe on back, mainly grows in Old Cengwang Mountain and Qinglong Mountain shrouded by mist all year long. The advantaged natural environment makes it a rising star among all famous Chinese teas, featured in jade green color, numerous pekoe, mellow fragrance, strong taste and endurance. It was listed into the first batch of national high-quality tea varieties in 1984.


Pekoe tea is brewed basically the same as green tea. However, generally, brewing should take a longer time, and tea buds slowly settles at bottom 5-6 minutes after pouring in water, because tea leaves are not rolled and covered with pekoe and tea liquor does not easily lixiviate out. It takes about 10 minutes to taste the true quality, true fragrance and authentic taste of white tea.

Collection and preparation

1. Lingyun pekoe tea is strictly picked and processed, one bud with one leaf for super tea and Class-1 tea and one bud with two leaves for Class-2 tea, without any dewed leaf, purple leaf or leaf with parasitosis.

2. Pekoe tea is made in four processes, fresh leaf tedding, water-removing, rolling and drying (second-time water-removing and third-time water-removing). Tea leaves can be fried manually or with machine, and super tea is fried manually.

3. Tea frying has four features. First, removing water at a high temperature. Raising-frying and tossing-frying can be used, and tea leaves shall be raised lowly and then highly, highly tossed and shaken for frying, which helps evaporate moisture and avoids heaping yellow. Second, fanning for heat dissipation. This can lower leaf temperature as soon as possible, and maintain the emerald green color. Third, rapidly removing water at a high temperature the second time. The frying pan shall be at 80-85℃, and fry 1000g tea leaves at one time. It’s better to shake higher and stir quicker to evaporate to seventy or eighty percent dry as soon as possible. Fourth, slowly removing water at a low temperature the third time. The frying pan shall be about 60℃ and fry 1500g tea leaves at one time. Stir-frying shall be done slowly with two hands to keep tips and fuzzes intact. Frying shall be stopped when fuzzy pekoe is covered with steam, sends out fragrance and can be rubbed into powder by hands.

Medical effects

Health preservation

Silver tip pekoe has six major effects for health preservation, nourishing heart, liver, eyes, mental tranquility, vital energy and skin.

Radiation protection

Silver tip pekoe has medical effects on protecting against radiative substances, remarkably protecting hematopoietic function, and reducing dangers to human body caused by radiation.

Relieving fatigue

Silver tip pekoe, called fatigue-relieving tea, endures in brewing, and can eliminate or relieve fatigue.

Easing mental anxiety

Silver tip pekoe can clear away internal heat, ease mental anxiety, and help fall asleep, being an anxiety-relieving tea.

Delaying aging

Silver tip pekoe tea can delay aging, maintain beauty and keep young, quite suitable for females. Therefore, it has been widely popularized by modern fashion trendsetters, especially by urban women.

Clearing internal heat

Drinking can easily cause internal heat, and silver tip pekoe tea can relieve deficiency heat after drinking, being an excellent company for social interaction.