Pumpkin Tea

Pumpkin tea is a healthy tea, and long-term drinking can effectively lower blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Brief introduction

Pumpkins are fruits of a cucurbitaceae plant, mild in nature and flat in taste. It has been used as high-quality medicine and food since ancient time. It contains less sugar and calorie, but various amino acids and vitamins and plenty pectin. Pectin can form into gelatinoids after being absorbed in intestinal tracts, which can delay intestinal absorption to sugar and fat, thus preventing diabetes and high blood pressure. Pumpkin powder also contains multiple microelements, and contains more cobalt than all the other vegetables. And cobalt is a microelement necessary for islet cells, because it can promote to normalize insulin secretion. Besides, cellulose contained in pumpkin powder can well lower fat and prevent constipation. Uncooked pumpkin can expel ascaridole and crushed uncooked pumpkin can be used to treat hot liquid or fire burn. The herb tea has extensive source at a low price, and is easy and delicious to drink.