Chamomile Tea

What is Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is brewed with chamomile as raw material, smells a faint fragrance and has many healthcare effects. Chamomile contains a lot of methylmetatyrosine, methacrylic acid and azulene, and has medical effects on relieving pain, resisting allergy, resisting melancholia, resisting rheumatism, resisting bacteria, calming down and nourishing spleen and stomach.

Medical effects

  1. Moistening lung, eliminating neuralgia and eye fatigue, relieving muscular soreness and migraine caused by cold, relieving long-term constipation, trachitis and diarrhea, and dispelling toothache and other symptoms.
  2. Invigorating stomach, diminishing inflammation and killing bacteria, and preventing gastric ulcer and relieving stomach strain as proved in modern medicine.
  3. Calming down, eliminating nervousness, stabilizing emotion, helping fall asleep, and resisting anxiety.
  4. Invigorating stomach, cleaning liver, improving eyesight, maintaining beauty and keeping young.
  5. Frequent drinking can also lower blood pressure.

Side effects

Chamomile has medical effects on stimulating menstrual flow, not suitable for pregnant women. Besides, note not to drink excessively.