Violet Tea

What is Violet tea

Violet, featured in strong fragrance, slight bitterness and a little bit mystery and dignity, leaves a faint fragrance after eating, and magically changes colors in brewing, from light purple to light brown, and from light blue to pink after dropping lemon juice.

Medical effects

  1. Maintaining beauty, detoxifying, reducing spots, delaying skin aging, strengthening luster, and preventing ultraviolet irradiation.
  2. Helping would healing, wetting whistle, treating halitosis, clearing heat and detoxifying, solving hangover, treating cold, regulating vital energy and blood, lowering fat and losing weight, benefiting liver and eliminating eye fatigue.
  3. Protecting bronchus and upper respiratory tract, and helping treat disease of respiratory system, especially suitable for people smoking much.
  4. Treating constipation and indigestion.


  1. Take 2-4g violet, place in a warmed kettle, and slowly pour in 500ml boiling water with scented tea fragrance spreading out.
  2. Place still for about 3 minutes to drink, 7 minutes in the second brewing and about 10 minutes in the third brewing.
  3. Some rock candy can be added, for it tastes a little bit bitter.

4. Brewing sequence of boiling water first and then tea leaves can ensure its color and endurance.

Effective matching

  1. Violet + chamomile: whitening and moistening skin.
  2. Violet + mint leaf + scaphium scaphigerum: effectively treating coughing and phlegm and moistening lung.
  3. Violet + calendula officinalis: easing emotion and building character.


Scented tea shall be stored in dry containers which shall be placed in a cool and dry place. It’s recommended to store in freezer after well sealing, away from fishy smell to avoid the natural fragrance.

 It’s better to have within one year after first storage.

Although the scented tea is made with natural plants, it is not suitable for all groups, and pregnant women can not use.