Red Rose Tea

Red rose tea requires an extremely high quality of tea leaves. The most remarkable medical effects include maintaining beauty, keeping young, activating blood and dissolving stasis and dispersing stagnated liver to relieve depression, thus making it a medical herb in treatment of painful menstruation, irregular menstruation, poor appetite and other symptoms.

Red Rose Tea benefits

1. Promoting digestion

Drinking red rose tea in a long time can enhance digestive ability, and rose tea is less irritant to human body and suitable for weak people.

2. Preventing flu

Drinking rose tea can help us prevent flue, for some of its microelements can promote blood circulation in heart.

3. Lowering blood pressure and fighting cancer

Rose tea can adsorb alkaloid and heavy metal, thus preventing dental decay, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, and fighting cancer and radiation.

4. Maintaining beauty and freckle fading

Rose flowers soaking in water have certain effects on fading out chloasma on face. As chloasma appears as a result of endocrine dyscrasia, we may try removing blood stasis, dredging collaterals and improving circulation to regulate endocrine and clear in-body siltation, so as to recover a good physiological status. It is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that roses taste a little bit bitter and of warm nature, and that its most remarkable medical effects lie in regulating flow of qi to relieve depression, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and regulating menstruation to relieve pain.

5. Chest enlarging

Roses are rich in various nutrients including vitamin and tannic acid which can effectively improve endocrine dyscrasia and promote breast development, and prevent mastatrophy resulted from physical aging and function degradation in middle and old ages. Besides, Vitamin B is also conducive to hormone synthesis. Therefore, Vitamin B in rose tea can promote breast development and then enlarge breasts.

6. Allaying tiredness

Roses are of warm nature, and have excellent effects on sedating, tonifying qi and engendering blood, regulating emotion, maintaining beauty and keeping young. Besides, they can well regulate stomach functions. It’s recommended to have some rose tea, for it can allay tiredness and enhance physical constitution as well.

7. Stimulating blood circulation

Drinking rose tea can stimulate stagnant blood circulation, thus reducing blood congestions caused by heart diseases and strengthening functions of capillaries. People feeling down in spirit can have some to balance and strengthen stomach. Roses have medical effects on antibiosis and hypocatharsis, thus clearing digestive tracts and relieving nausea, vomiting and constipation.


1. Not suitable for people suffering constipation

Roses are rich in tannic acid, belonging to tannins which has medical effect of astriction. Therefore, drinking rose tea will aggravate constipation.

2. Not suitable for females suffering menometrorrhagia

Rose tea is of warm nature and has medical effects on promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. Therefore, females suffering menometrorrhagia should not have rose tea, or it may cause anemia.

3. Not suitable for pregnant women

Pregnant women have special constitutions, while rose tea has certain herbal properties and has special effect in activating blood circulation. Therefore, it’s better that pregnant women avoid having rose tea, especially in the first three pregnancy months.

4. Not suitable for daily drinking

While rose tea has better effects on maintaining beauty and keeping young, people who are under warm constitution and have some every day can easily have acnes and get angry.

5. Not suitable for empty stomach

Roses are rich in tannic acid which causes stimulation to gastric mucosa of empty stomach.

6. Not suitable for people suffering fire excess from yin deficiency and fever diseases

Rose tea is a warm nourishing drink, not suitable for those suffering fire excess from yin deficiency or constipation, dry mouth, red face and eyes and other fever diseases.

7. Not suitable for people suffering physical weakness

Generally, people suffering physical weakness have low immunity and can easily feel tired and exhausted and have indigestion. Although rose tea has medical effects on tonifying qi and engendering blood, it’s unwise to underestimate its capability of promoting metabolism, and drinking in a large amount or in a long time will make people increasingly weak.