Plum Tea

What is Plum tea

Plum tea is made with plum flower bud (5g) and green tea (5g), and brewed with boiled water for 5 minutes, which has medical effects on treating abdominal fullness pain and poor stomach intake.

Medical effects
According to theories of traditional Chinese medicine, green plum has refreshing fragrance, acor taste and mild nature, and has medical effects on soothing liver, harmonizing stomach, reducing phlegm and detoxifying. It is mainly used to treat globus hysteriocus, liver and stomach burn, inappetence, dizziness, crewels sore-toxin and deprementia. Tea brewed with plum and green tea leaves has medical effects on regulating vital energy and soothing liver, and harmonizing stomach and relieving pain, and is commonly used for medical treatment on liver-stomach disharmony symptoms including rib swelling pain, swelling pain in gastral cavity, depression and inappetence.