Blue Lotus Tea

What is Blue Lotus Tea?

Blue lotus, belonging to nymphaeaceae family, grows in water, and has bright and shining appearance, being quite attractive. However, it’s hard to successfully plant blue lotus, for it grows only in pure pollution-free environment, and is not productive. Blue lotus tea contains various nutrients, and frequent drinking can ensure a healthier body.

Blue Lotus Tea benefits

1. Inhibiting tumor cells

Blue lotus petals contain abundant cyanin which can inhibit tumor cells.

2. Cooling down and expelling heat

Blue lotus tea contains a large amount of raddeanin, cytosine, nectar and other nutrients, which can well expel depression.

3. Regulating endocrine

Blue lotus is a herbal plant containing more nutrients, and contains a dozen of necessary amino acids, six vitamins, ferrum, selenium and other microelements, which can be well absorbed in human bodies and well regulate internal secretion.