Citrus Tea

Citrus tea, commonly known as green tangerine tea, is widely popular among the young in modern times. It is generally brewed with naturally fermented orange peel, and frequent drinking helps promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism, keep mouth clean and fresh, nourish stomach and build up body. Males who often drink should have more.

Fig Leaf Tea

Fig leaf tea is processed with fresh fig leaves with no pollution or damage by removing water, rolling and drying. It has medical effects on clearing heat, detoxifying and stopping diarrhea and is generally used for medical treatment on diarrhea caused by enteritis.

Mulberry Tea

Mulberry, also called les fruits mure, tastes sweet and sour, cold in nature. It can reach heart, liver and kidney channels and has medical effects on nourishing nourishing yin (feminine force), tonifying blood and relaxing bowel. It is purple black in color, and tastes sweet and sour, rich in vitamins, amino acid, carotene and other ingredients. Frequent use of mulberry can improve people’s immunity and can delay aging, maintain beauty and keep young. Mulberry was used as a tonic for ancient emperors over 2000 years ago. Now, it is still an excellent choice for beauty-chasing females to maintain beauty and health. Mulberry tea is a tea drink brewed with mulberry and tea leaves.

Sakura Tea

Not only is sakura quite attractive, it can also be used for traditional brewing of sakura tea, by soaking and sousing petals of octet cherry without causing damage to flower fragrance and shape. Similar to chrysanthemum tea, the beautiful petals unfold in sakura tea brewed with boiled water.

Banana Peel Tea

Banana peel tea is made by washing clean banana peel, placing in a casserole, adding some water and decocting to take the juice.Banana peel has abundant nutrients, various dietary fibers, various Vitamins and potassium.

Pomegranate Tea

Having pomegranate in autumn and winter is quite beneficial, especially that pomegranate contains some nutrients which can regulate basic metabolism and improve immunity.

Honey Citron Tea

Honey citron tea does not only taste refreshing, but can whiten skin, maintain beauty and keep young. The L-cysteine contained in honey can expel toxin in body, and can effectively relieve dermal diseases for people frequently suffering pimples, for it has certain medical effect on fading freckles. Citron tastes refreshing and cool, sweet and sour, and has extremely abundant nutrients and extremely high medicinal value, being a widely favored fruit and the fruit with the highest effect of dietary therapy extensively recognized in the medical field.

Guayusa Tea

Guayusa tea is brewed with psidium guajave, which is a guayusa plant in myrtle family and originates in tropical America, and has been cultivated in temperate and subtropical zones in China for over 200 years. Guayusa leaves have drawn much attention from scientists due to their strong oxidation resistance.